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Understanding RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, and like a magazine or newspaper,it can supply you with a list of current news items in a brief summary so you can read a description and choose the items that might interest you. If interested, you can click the link associated with the description to read the entire news item.

An easy way to accomplish the above is to subscribe to an RSS Feed by merely pressing the subscribe button within the feed only one time!  Once subscribed, a button showing the feed will appear at the top of the browser whenever the browser is opened. If you then click the feed button name, you will always be presented with a drop down list of items and can choose which one to read. The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office RSS feed will display the most recent news items such as news releases, news letters or other documents.  The feed will also provide links to all press releases or news letters regardless of how recent they are.

Please understand that different browsers handle internet content in different ways.  A browser such as Google Chrome will need  a news subscription extention installed and you can search for ones here:   One that is known to definitely work successfully is the following RSS Subscription Extension (By Google):


To subscribe to the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office News Feed now,  please click the following RSS icon:   

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