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Mobile Field Communications

Three Mobile Field Communication Command Posts units are operated and staffed by the members of the Communications Division. These units are equipped with state of the art equipment which includes Mobile Data Terminals (MDT's) with wireless access to our Spillman Computer Aided Dispatch System, and internet. Our units are also equipped with a Cisco Call manager, cellular phones, and multiple portable radios for all frequency spectrums. All field comm units are self-sufficient for up to 3 days with amenities such as a full kitchen galley, bathroom facilities and PTO and backup generators. The units titled Field Comm 1, 2, & 3 respond to large scale incidents such as fires, MCI's and public relations events.

Three Mobile Communications Units

  • The three units are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for emergency and non-emergency events, which occur in Monmouth County.
  • Two units are equipped with a 32-foot telescoping camera able to view and record events and incidents from the field com unit.
  • Two units are equipped with a variety of radio equipment to facilitate radio communications at the scene.
  • These units are essential in emergency situations to act as the on scene command post and facilitate communications between various agencies involved in the incident
  • For non-emergency events such Municipal Days, Fairs, Parades and Festivals the field communications units provide an on-scene command post / remote police station for coordination of all functions of the event.
  • The third unit is a Ford 350 van, which will be a quick response unit and will carry a variety of radio equipment which has been supplied to Monmouth County for statewide interoperability. This unit also has 10ft trailer equipped with a 7.5kw generator and equipment for the establishment or augmentation of a remote Incident Command Post.

Portable Radio Network

  • This system includes over 225 portable radios available on a variety of channels, but all have a common channels.
  • This system also includes portable base stations, which can be installed at a location for a special event to act in coordination with the Field Communications units, and portables.
  • Portable repeaters and interoperability channels with supporting radios.
  • Portable Inter-operability units (ICRI) / ACU 1000’s. These units allow our field units to patch different frequencies and frequencies of different ranges together to facilitate interoperability at the incident.

To request a unit to an incident or public relations event, contact Supervisor Scott R. Nielsen at 732-431-6400 X1628.

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